December 2006 news

Sunday 31 December 2006: Pegasus News

Movie review: The Painted Veil

Friday 29 December 2006

ScreenIndia: Handsomely mounted
Toronto Star: 'Painted Veil': Old-style melodrama
Washington CityPaper: Prickly Pairs
The Money Times: The Painted Veil – Elegance in Vain
Chicago Sun-Times: Veiled passion
The Seattle Times: "The Painted Veil": A period piece for the ages
The Washington Times: Loveless in the time of cholera The Painted Veil
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: 'Painted Veil' is a graceful drama of personal redemption

Thursday 28 December 2006

Variety: A year of Paris Hilton, pirates and public feuds
St Paul Pioneer Press: 'Painted Veil' can't hide fine work by Naomi Watts Movie Review (2): The Painted Veil
Chicago Tribune: Movie review: 'The Painted Veil' Movie review: 'The Painted Veil' shows naked vulnerability

Wednesday 27 December 2006

Hollywood Reporter: Grove crowns 'Queen' Top Ten king
Seattle Weekly: The Painted Veil
Baltimore Chronicle: John Curran's "The Painted Veil"

Friday 22 December 2006

International Herald Tribune: 'The Painted Veil': Not Maugham, but a fine romance
The Inverness Courier: Sure-fire posh recipes from the ‘worst’ cook in the world'
New York Daily News: A marriage made in China

Thursday 21 December 2006

NOW Magazine: Inside Ed Norton’s head
Catholic News Service: The Painted Veil

Wednesday 20 December 2006

Los Angeles Times: 'The Painted Veil' From China, with love lost, and found
All Headline News: The Painted Veil ( ***1/2 )

Tuesday 19 December 2006

Movies Online: Naomi Watts, John Curran Interview, The Painted Veil
DVD talk: The Painted Veil

Monday 18 December 2006 Movie Review: The Painted Veil
San Francisco Chronicle: Review: 'Painted Veil': Dour but Worthy

Saturday 16 December 2006: Jamaica Gleaner

There's nothing like Bond for the holidays: The 007 best

Friday 15 December 2006 From the Bond vault with love
The Chicago Sun-Times: Let's do it again The Painted Veil The Painted Veil

Thursday 14 December 2006

The Hollywood Reporter: The Painted Veil
Variety: The Painted Veil

Tuesday 12 December 2006: Life Style Extra

Ricky Gervais wants stars for 'Extras'

Monday 11 December 2006 Osbourne's Dumping a Literal Warning to Critics 'This Never Happened to the Other Fellow:' Bond, Vesper, & Tracy
The Daily Telegram: Bond ... James Bond

Sunday 10 December 2006: DVD talk

James Bond Ultimate Edition: Volume 3

Saturday 09 December 2006

The Scotsman: Adventures in haute couture
The Daily Yomiuri: View from the sofa

Friday 08 December 2006

The Scotsman: A hundred years of Cinderella
Corvallis Gazette-Times: Bond Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

Tuesday 05 December 2006:

Picking quality box sets for film buffs on your list

Monday 04 December 2006: Playbill

London's Threatened Theatre Museum Receives Lifeline

Sunday 03 December 2006: The Age

Not easy being Green

Saturday 02 December 2006: Business Standard

Memories of another Bond

Friday 01 December 2006:

'Casino Royale' actress shuns 'eye candy' tradition

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The Painted Veil

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