May 2006 news

Tuesday 30 May 2006: The Telegraph

In the footsteps of Dr Johnson

Tuesday 16 May 2006: US dvd release for Heidi

Warner Home Video Presents an All-New, Original Live Action Movie Based on Johanna Spyri's Classic Tale ''Heidi'' on DVD August 8

Monday 15 May 2006: Theatre Museum article London theatre luminaries gather for fundraiser

Saturday 13 May 2006: Latest articles on the Theatre Museum

The Telegraph: Redgraves join cast of stars in fight for museum Redgraves, Etc. to Rally to Aid of Theatre Museum, May 16

Friday 12 May 2006: Butterfly painting auction

Community Newswire: Bidding Frenzy for Artist's Butterfly

Wednesday 10 May 2006: More Sexiest Pensioner articles

999Today: Connery is named 'sexiest male pensioner' Sean Connery and Helen Mirren, Sexiest Pensioners Britain's sexiest pensioners

Tuesday 09 May 2006: Sexiest Pensioner articles

the deadbolt: UK Names Sean Connery Sexiest Pensioner Connery & Mirren voted Sexiest Pensioners Connery is sexiest OAP
IrelandOn-Line: Connery and Mirren UK's 'sexiest pensioners'
Independent Online, Cape Town: Pensioner Connery still makes women swoon
The Sun: Sexy Sean and Helen
Newswire: Britain's Sexiest Pensioners Named
UTV: UK's 'sexiest pensioners' poll
All Headline News: Sean Connery Voted Sexiest Senior
Digital Spy: Sir Sean, Dame Helen sexiest pensioners Sir Sean voted shexiest male pensioner in UK

Monday 01 May 2006: Parkinson interview

In case anyone was not aware of the new Parkinson interview, and would like to listen in, go here.

Click on Listen Again, and DR's interview is about half way through the show. (If you so desire, you can fast forward in 5 or 15 min increments.)

Btw, on the page, there is no mention of Diana being a guest, so don't think you've got the wrong page--she should be there!)

Many thanks to Meg and Carole for letting us know :)

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