October 2006 news

Monday 30 October 2006: BusinessOfCinema.com

James Bond conquers Star Movies in November

Sunday 29 October 2006: ctnow.com

Big-Screen Blizzard

Friday 27 October 2006: The Australian

Actor gave power to prosaic

Thursday 26 October 2006: The Herald

Peter Barkworth

Tuesday 24 October 2006: SFGate.com

REVIEW: Revenge, Southern-Style

Sunday 22 October 2006: The Independent

Do fish feel pain?

Friday 13 October 2006: Salford Advertiser

Dame backs our bid to avenge historic hall

Tuesday 10 October 2006: Blogcritics.org

TV Review: Extras - Season 2 Episode 3 (With Daniel Radcliffe)

Saturday 07 October 2006: Brisbane Courier Mail

Licence to thrill

Wednesday 04 October 2006: ContraCostaTimes.com


Tuesday 03 October 2006

The London Free Press: Sexiest celebrities
MSNBC: Fans shocked by Harry Potter's off-color skit
jam! showbiz: Celebrity sex symbols, Pt. 2

Monday 02 October 2006: The Stage

Square Eyes 2-6 October

Sunday 01 October 2006

Digital Spy: There is nothing like a dame
The Sunday Times: Radio Waves: Paul Donovan: Thriving at 90
People.co.uk: Mulder & Scully Top X Symbols

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