September 2006 news

Wednesday 27 September 2006:

London's Theatre Museum May Close in 2007

Monday 25 September 2006: The Stage

Square eyes 25-29 September

Thursday 21 September 2006: The Australian

TV may be a wasteland but we're happy to be its nomads

Monday 18 September 2006: California Literary Review

Charlie Chan: A Hero of Sorts

Sunday 17 September 2006:

In Extremis

Saturday 16 September 2006: The Times

The time of your life

Monday 11 September 2006:

Teddy Bear Auction Gets Going

Friday 08 September 2006: Manchester Evening News

'Big' Daddy makes a comeback

Thursday 07 September 2006: Borehamwood & Elstree Times

The cars are the stars

Wednesday 06 September 2006

The Independent: In Extremis, Shakespeare's Globe, London Cheggers plays homophobe in Extras
Guardian Unlimited: People

Sunday 03 September 2006:


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