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Hunting Picnic

Life with that one-man orchestra of espionage and global troubleshooting James Bond was no picnic in Connecticut, as Diana Rigg, the lovely leading lady of British thrillers, so beautifully demonstrated "on Her Majesty's Secret Service." Yet the lady had experience, and after years of starring in "The Avengers" it was a well-practiced hand that Miss Rigg brought to the fast and perilously glamorous world of Ian Fleming's Agent 007; and it is that same practiced hand she brings here to staging a hunt picnic in pure luxury-promoting James Bondian style.

Rolls-Royce Motors, Ltd., has seen to it that Miss Rigg and her entourage hunt in proper comfort and that the "boot" of her Standard Silver Shadow will be spacious enough to hold a Tiffany punch bowl filled with Ice, Dom Perignon, and chilled champagne flutes, as well as a butler's table from Florian Papp (to hold her silver Tiffany tea service) and all the many baskets of rare and tempting delicacies prepared by the chefs of New York's Soho Charcuterie in CinemaScopic proportion. Her properly prodigal country feast includes pheasant, rabbit, and duck terrines laced with fruit and nuts. The fresh fruits and vegetable salads are naturally both imported and out of season. There is sloe gin, "a necessity," Miss Rigg insists, adding that "it wouldn't be much of a picnic without chocoloate-covered biscuits." Miss Rigg also has a fondness for Scotland, and its shortbread was a must.

Guests eat with "King William" silver off classically dependable "Blue Wheat" plates and drink from sterling beakers while sitting on thick wool horse blankets. Philosophically, Nickey the Borzoi abandons all interest in the hunt. After his appearance in Nicholas and Alexandra he is quite accustomed to the deliciously frivolous antics of film stars.

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