Transcripts: 1960s


08 December 1969: Bravo
Diana Loves The Wilderness And Comfort - Many thanks to Dani for this article!

06 December 1969: Daily Sketch
Diana Rigg On That Bond Film: 'A case of get on or shut up'

23 November 1969: Herald Examiner
Rigg: Typical English, Always Direct

18 August 1969: Bravo
After A 12 Hour Shoot, Diana Rigg Is Still Feeling Good - Many thanks to Dani for this article!

March 1969: Movieland and TV
Diana Rigg Marries!

17 March 1969: The Times
Those Vulnerable Feminists

14 March 1969: Evening Standard
Diana Rigg

13 March 1969: Daily Sketch
Miss Rigg, Being Candid At The Truth Game...

07-14 February 1969: The Telegram
Mrs. Peel Is Dead! Long Live Miss Rigg


05 December 1968: The Record
Diana Rigg Gets Her Man Before She Dies

November 1968: Photoplay Film Monthly
"Filming? I'm rather nervous of it!"

13 October 1968: Sunday Express
Money Depresses Me, Says Miss Rigg

03 August 1968: TV Guide
She's Miss Rigg of St John's Wood Now

6/1968: Jasmin
Emma Peel And Her Life With Philip Saville - Many thanks to Dani for this article!


04 December 1967: Bravo
Emma Didn't Let Us Down - Many thanks to Dani for this article!

December 1967: Movieland and TV Time
The Private Life of Diana Rigg

September 1967: TV Radio Show
I'd Like To See More Of Diana Rigg

June 1967: Inside TV and Movie
Diana Is Dynamite

31 July 1967: Bravo
Diana Rigg: "I hate beautiful men." - Many thanks to Dani for this article!

June 1967: Photo Screen
Thoroughly Modern Diana

21 May 1967: Sunday Express
Diana Rigg

May 1967: Homes and Gardens
My Greatest Stroke of Luck

05 March 1967: Sunday Telegraph
Room With A Viewpoint

18 January 1967: Los Angeles Times
Long Distance Facts About Diana Rigg of The Avengers


December 1966: Photo Screen
What Anne & Diana Learned From Sean

01 September 1966: Evening Standard
Don't Call Me Emma!

August 1966: She
Diana Rigg

18 June 1966: Diana
Lucky Penny Talks To 'Avenger' Emma Peel

28 May 1966: Woman's Mirror
The Other Side of Emma Peel

29 April 1966: Evening Standard
What's The Point?

13 March 1966: New York Times
From Lear to Leer

11 February 1966: Daily Mail
To Be Sexy In Private Is Quite Enough For The Englishwoman


ABC Biography
Diana Rigg

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