Transcripts: 1970s


01 July 1979: News of the World
"I'm repulsive on screen," says Diana Rigg

23 June 1979: Time
Diana Turns Her Back On Hollywood and Her Career Blossoms

28 May 1979: Time
Britain's Best Actress


22 December 1978: Daily Mail
Diana Rigg - Many thanks to the owners of for this article!

27 October 1978: Evening Standard
Diana: My Guilt

22 October 1978: Sunday Express
The Night They Turned Up The Lights On Naked Diana


30 December 1977: Evening Standard
The Sexual Games People Play

17 August 1977: Women's Weekly
The Astonishing Transformation of Diana Rigg

05 March 1977: Radio Times
One Into Three Will Go


03 September 1976: Evening Standard
Strange Tales From The Vienna Woods

11 March 1976: TV Times
Diana To Host Screen Awards


19 July 1975: Hörzu
What's Wrong With Emma? ~ Many thanks to Dani for this article

20 April 1975: Atlantic City Press
The Lissom Miss Rigg

10 March 1975: Village Voice
The Avengeress As She Is

03 March 1975: The Cut
The Latest Adventures of Diana Rigg

NEW: 20 February 1975: Morning News
The Real Diana Rigg: Curt, Snippy, Dry, Tidy


November 1974: Silver Screen
"I give this marriage a year!"

April 1974: Silver Screen
The Agonizing Choice Diana Rigg Is Forced To Make

March 1974: TV Picture Life
Why Diana Rigg Wouldn't Bear Her Man's Love Child

March 1974: Movieworld
The Real Reason Diana Rigg Gave Up Her Independence

February 1974: Modern Screen
Marry Me Or Else! ~ Many thanks to Kellie for this article

February 1974: Screen Stars
"Diana Rigg Shocks The Press, Appears Nude On Stage!"

04 January 1974: Evening Standard
The Artist's Life and Eliza


December 1973: Movie World
What Do You Do When Your Fiance Throws You Out Bags And All?: If You're Diana Rigg, You Marry Him!

18 October 1973: Radio Times
The Americanisation of Diana

October 1973: Show
TV's New Diana Is Rigged For Laughs

September 1973: Los Angeles Magazine
The Prime Time of Miss Diana Rigg

12-18 August 1973: TV Week
Diana Is Back, But Not As The Avenging Emma Peel

August 1973: Oui
Conversation With Diana Rigg

08 July 1973: The Los Angeles Times
Diana Rigg Facing a New Society and New Rhythms

June 1973: Movie Mirror
"Don't let yourself love him until..."


18 December 1972: Time
Who Is That Lady?

July 1972: Photoplay
Diana Rigg says: "It's torture to watch yourself on the screen."

16 June 1972: Evening Standard
The Strange Travels of Diana Rigg In a Bus...

02 January 1972: The Observer
A Word With Diana


November 1971: Rona Barrett's Hollywood
I'll Never Marry My Lover

09 March 1971: Daily News
From Spy To Heloise

February 1971: TV Movies Today
Diana Rigg's Fears For Her Unborn Child

NEW: 14 January 1971: The Guardian
Diana Rigg


January 1970: Daily Mirror
The Biggest Row In Showbusiness

April 1970: TV Movies Today
The Real Scandal in Diana Rigg's Life

07 June 1970: Daily Mirror
The Great Quailer

October 1970: TV Movies Today
The Secret Bond That Ties Diana Rigg To Engelbert Humperdinck

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