Transcripts: 1980s


31 December 1989: Parade
In Step With: Diana Rigg

26 December 1989: The Gazette
Elegantly Rigged Out Ex-Avengers Star Dumps Jumpsuits For de la Renta

14 October 1989: The Toronto Star
Diana Rigg Mystery Woman

12 October 1989: San Diego Union
Point of View

08 October 1989: The New York Times
New Sanctums, Faces and Perils for 'Mystery!'

05 October 1989: Chicago Sun Times
Mystery Woman

02 August 1989: Chicago Sun Times
Mystery Rigg Replacing Vincent Price on 'Mystery'

22 April 1989: TV Times
Valley Girls


16 November 1986: Mail on Sunday
Misunderstood Miss Rigg

01 November 1986: Daily Mail
Bewitching Miss Rigg

05 April 1986: TV Times
Diana Gets Stuck Into Her New Role

04 April 1986: Today
The Black Leather Avenger Puts On Her Green Wellies

13 January 1986: People
If You Remind Her, Diana Rigg Might Recall Starring In TV's Bleak House - But Her Mind's On Her Happy Home

The Times
Mad, Bad And In Advertising - Many thanks to Lance for this article!


15 December 1985: The Chicago Tribune
Avengers' Rigg Back In Dickens' Tale

13 December 1985: Daily News TV
Rigg's Own House Not So Bleak

12 December 1985: Ottawa Citizen
Emma Peel Makes Comeback As Lady Dedlock

10 April 1985: Daily Express
Bleak View For Photographers As Diana Makes A Dash For Cover

28 February 1985: The Chicago Tribune
The Classics Entice TV's Diana Rigg to Return to the Stage

21 February 1985: The Chicago Tribune
Diana Rigg Back on the Boards in 'Cleopatra'

29 January 1985: Daily Express
An Avenger Happy Looking Forward To Her Bleak Future

27 January 1985: Sunday Telegraph
Full Rigg

18 January 1985: Sunday Telegraph
Tigress On The No. 27


24 August 1984: Boston Globe
Living on magic Diana Rigg Still Sees The Wonder In Acting - And Elsewhere

11 February 1984: Daily Star
The Golden Age of Diana

11 February 1984: Boston Globe
Diana's Strait-Laced Comeback

21 January 1984: TV Guide
From Karate Chops to Shakespeare


18 December 1983: San Diego Union
Diana Rigg Takes a Turn at Stoning

12 February 1983: Globe and Mail
No Turn Unstoned, Compiled by Diana Rigg

06 February 1983: Sunday Times
Rigg's Reversal


06 November 1982: Daily Express
Duck! Emma is back in business

11 June 1982: Daily Mirror
Emma Peels Back The Years

March 1982: Photoplay
From The Avenging Emma To The Bitchy Arlena


27 July 1981: Guardian
Diana Gives Miss Piggy A Feed

05 May 1981: New Standard
Diana In The Deep End


24 January 1980: TV Times
Daring Diana

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