Transcripts: 1990s


November/December 1999: Active Life
"Age doesn't worry me, but getting parts is hard in your fifties." - Many thanks to Claudia for this article!

07 November 1999: New York TImes
It's High Time to Be Stylish and Funny

07 August 1999: The Guardian
Diana Rigg: Is She The Sexiest TV Star Of All Time?

03 May 1999: The Times
'There's one good scandal left in me'

23 March 1999: Daily Mail
University First For Dame Diana

11 February 1999: The Oxford University Gazette
Rigg Calls For Theatre History To Be Taught To Students


25 December 1998: In Theater
The Prime of Dame Diana

14 December 1998: The Times
Old Boots In Fine Repair

10 December 1998: The Stage
Ex-Bond Girl At The Front Of The Q

15 November 1998: Sunday Times
Oxford Signs Rigg As Cambridge Avenger

12 November 1998: The Oxford University Gazette
Diana Rigg To Be New Theatre Professor

13 October 1998: Guardian
Learning Curve

06 October 1998: Evening Mail
Dame Diana Plays New Kind Of Role

06 October 1998: The Herald
Diana Rigg

05 October 1998: BBC News
Dame Diana's New Role

13 September 1998: Sunday Times
Catsuits and Euripides - what a dame

06 September 1998: The Sunday Telegraph Magazine
Swinging Sixty

29 August 1998: Daily Record
Diana's A Sleuth With Sex A-Peel

28 August 1998: Birmingham Post
Bank Holiday Whodunnit From An Untapped Resource

20 August 1998: Evening Standard
A New Kind of Sex la Peel

09 August 1998: New York Times
Sorry, Uma, There's Only One Emma

15 February 1998: The Sunday Times
Do They Mean Me?: Rigg Sits Out A True-Life Drama


01 May 1997: San Diego Union
Beyond Emma Peel, Dame Diana Is One Of Stage's Most Luminous Stars

13 April 1997: Buffalo News
Diana Rigg Recalls Daphne Du Maurier's Suspense Classic In New 'Masterpiece Theatre' Version

12 April 1997: The Gazette
Dame Diana Rigg Does A Wicked Mrs. Danvers

19 February 1997: The Times
Under Fire, There Is Nothing Like A Dame

January 1997: Vogue
Avenging Angel


30 November 1996: Toronto Star
Mistress of Mystery

30 November 1996: The Times
Dame Diana Takes Centre Stage

02 November 1996: Daily Telegraph
Who's Afraid of Diana Rigg?

May/June 1996: Departures
Stage Presence


December 1995: Harpers and Queen
The Entertainer

8 November 1995: The Guardian
Courage Reborn


03 July 1994: Austin American Statesman
Actress Rigg Is No 'Mystery'

19 June 1994: Newsday
Hail To Dame Diana

NEW: 08 June 1994: Chicago Tribune
No Mystery About Diana Rigg's Passions From Emma to Medea

19 April 1994: The Times
Rigg, The Readers' Choice For Best Actor

17 April 1994: The New York Times
Diana Rigg is a Chilly, Elegant Medea

17 April 1994: The Plain Dealer
Rigg Is Home on the Stage Tackles Roles with Clarity, Intelligence

03 April 1994: The New York Times
For Diana Rigg, Neurosis Stops With the Character


23 October 1993: The Daily Telegraph
The Determination of Diana

17 October 1993: The Mail on Sunday
Diana Rigg On Men, Marriage, Children and Being Single Again

10 October 1993: The Independent
At the age of 55, Diana Rigg `has decided to take them all on'


10 September 1992: Evening Standard
Rigged For Greek Fire

12 June 1992: Daily Mail
Miss Rigg Gives Her Blessing As Glenn Takes Mother To The Movies

20 March 1992: Evening Standard
The Fear That Drives Diana


21 April 1991: You
Diana Rigg

April 1991: Lear's
A Shot of Wry


18 December 1990: Ottawa Citizen
Diana Rigg

16 December 1990: The Washington Post
Diana Rigg On Television, Careers and Motherhood

27 October 1990: Toronto Star
Pretty Poison

25 October 1990: New York Times
Psychological Thriller Opens 'Mystery' Season

25 October 1990: The Sun
Slow-going `Mystery' Allows Time To Savor Diana Rigg's Acting

22 October 1990: Wall Street Journal
A Mother to Love

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