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Abelard and Heloise

22 March 1971: Los Angeles Times
‘Abelard and Heloise’ Opens New York Run

11 March 1971: New York Post
Story of Doomed Love

March 1971: Los Angeles Magazine
A Love Story For The Mind, Not The Tear Ducts

All About My Mother

05 September 2007: Evening Standard
Old Vic's Mother Superior

05 September 2007: The Times
All About My Mother


11 January 1999: New York Times
On the Cusp Of Monsterhood With Nero


20 March 1982: Los Angeles Times
'Colette' Will End Run Prematurely In Denver

The Guardsman

10 February 1978: The Universe
The Lady Still Keeps Her Husband Guessing

Hay Fever

17 April 2009: The Guardian
Hay Fever

17 April 2009: The Stage
Hay Fever


15 February 2006: The Independent
A Faithful But Unsatisfying Tale Of Adultery In Hampstead

Humble Boy

15 February 2006: The Independent
Humble Boy

King Lear

29 March 1964: Time
King Lear


10 November 1972: The Guardian


09 May 1994: New York Times
Twilight Tragedies

17 April 1994: New York Times
Diana Rigg Is A Chilly, Elegant Medea

21 October 1993: The Times
The Family War Turns Nuclear

A Midsummer Night's Dream

1963: The Guardian
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Mother Courage

15 December 1995: Disability Times
Mother Courage and her Children

19 November 1995: The Independent
Mrs Peel Kicks New Life Into Brecht

17 November 1995: Evening Standard
Diana Shows Her Pluck

15 November 1995: Daily Express
Diana's Revolting Peasant Is Really Nothing Like A Dame

Phaedra Britannica

10 September 1975: Daily Mail
Oh, Diana, You Really Are Out of This World!

10 September 1975: Evening News
Diana Is The Cherry In A Pretty Rum Cocktail


10 January 1999: Daily Record
The Dark, Desperate Side Of Love

07 January 1999: Newsday
This Relentless 'Phedre' Stuns With Star Power

Suddenly Last Summer

19 February 2004: Financial Times
Suddenly Last Summer

18 February 2004: Daily Telegraph
Entertaining, But Still Tosh

17 May 2004: Evening Standard
Sins Of The South

Twelfth Night

August 1966: Plays and Players
All Styles Go

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

29 September 1996: The Observer
`It's a ferocious fandango of sparring and sex during a long night's journey into day'

The Women

29 October 2001: Evening Standard
The Women

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